Ministry Internship in Alaska or Northern Canada

Ministry Internship in Alaska or Northern Canada
Young adults seeking a formal or informal ministry internship to explore and/or prepare for long term ministry service in the North.
Country: Alaska, Canada, SEND North
Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
  • Shadow an established missionary family in a small, rural community
  • Look for ways to integrate into community life and build meaningful relationships
  • Participate in village ministry activities such as small group worship or Bible study
  • Build relationships with Native Alaskan (or First Nations Canadian) children and youth
  • Learn firsthand the need for the good news of Jesus Christ in rural Alaskan (or Canadian) villages
  • Participate in Bible Camp and/or Vacation Bible School ministries
Specific Qualifications:
  • Solid relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Heart for the power of God to change lives
  • Minimum of one year post high school education
  • Flexibility and a learner's attitude
  • Willingness to be called into full-time missionary service

Normally 6-8 weeks long (although flexible in order to meet formal internship requirements), the Journey experience is designed for young adults with a passion to see people in the North changed by the power of God. The majority of the trip will be spent living life with an established missionary family. The nature of life and ministry in the bush is slow and heavily relationally focused. One day you might visit with a friend over coffee, the next day you might help a neighbor chop wood. If the trip occurs during the summer, one or two weeks may be spent helping with Vacation Bible School or Bible camp ministry in order to provide a short experience of more ÒintenseÓ ministry. The Journey participant will be expected to come as a learner and to participate in various learning activities. 

Dates of Short-term Trip: Opportunities exist year round 
Estimated costs of trip: TBD