NYC | Equip Diaspora Training Program

Workers to spend 10 months in New York City learning and reaching out to internationals. The 10-month EQUIP missionary training will teach you principles that will lead to reproducible church planting and will give you plenty of experience putting these principles into practice while doing ministry in New York City.
Country: North America (Immigrants & Refugees)
Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

Nowhere else in America can prepare you for church planting among unreached people groups (UPGs) like New York City. Feeling like a minority, not having a car, using public transportation, reduced personal space, fatigue, and enduring the entire spectrum of weather are all elements of overseas ministry that you can begin to “get used to” here in New York City before you leave for the field (in the US or overseas).

Not only this, but very few cities can offer you the unique experience of putting your church planting training immediately into practice among an UPG – and New York City has 52 of them waiting for you.

In this Engage Diaspora ministry internship, you will: 

  • Develop a ministry plan with your team to reach an UPG in New York City and spend 10 months putting it into practice.
  • Facilitate at least one Discovery Bible Study with influential international students on prestigious New York City university campuses.
  • Learn to “live out loud” by sharing the gospel numerous times throughout the year.
Specific Qualifications:
  • 21 years old or older
  • Able to work on a multi-agency team
  • Heart and mind to learn and grow as you are stretched
  • Passion to bring the gospel to unreached people groups
  • Move to NYC in July (class starts in August) 
Additional Information:

This is one of our internships that can be applied toward a master's degree.