NYC | Making Disciples Among Immigrants

ministry to immigrants new york city
Do you love sharing your faith and serving people from different cultures? Are you passionate about using your spiritual gifts as part of a team serving Muslims, Hindus and others with little to no knowledge of the gospel? We are looking for people to join a multi-agency team to start Discovery Bible Studies with these new neighbors which will then become reproducible house churches that spread throughout the community and travel back to their home country.
Term: Long-Term (3+ years)
Country: North America (Immigrants & Refugees)

Our church planting ministry is specifically focused on building bridges for the Gospel into the 52 unreached people groups (UPGs) of New York City. On your UPG ministry team you will:

  • Live among a specific unreached people group
  • Develop and execute a plan to reach your UPG
  • Practice cross-cultural evangelism while focusing on abundant gospel sowing 
  • Start Discovery Bible Studies or use T4T to reproduce disciples within your UPG
  • Start simple, reproducible churches among your UPG
Specific Qualifications:
  • Heart for the glory of God to penetrate the unreached
  • Passion to make global followers of Christ who will spread the gospel
  • Ability to be a team player with missionaries and immigrants
  • Humility to work behind the scenes and empower and encourage others to lead
  • Commitment to the power of God's Word to transform lives
  • Attend EQUIP Training in New York City (this will be your first year of serving in NYC)