Pioneering Bi-Vocational Disciplemaker

The vision of SEND Central Asia is to see multiplying groups of believers reaching out to their communities using a small group discipleship approach to church planting, evangelism, multiplication and discipleship. The challenge of Central Asia is to be able to enter a local community, and work to build the trust needed to influence people for Christ. In this region of the world, cross-cultural gospel workers must be willing to creatively start ministry from the ground up, which includes investing time to gain trust in one's community, creating a role for yourself and living fairly self-sufficiently and independently. We are looking for the right kind of people to join our team in this kind of pioneering ministry. Are you that person God is raising up to come serve with us to start ministry from the ground up in this little reached, challenging, but amazing part of the world? Will you help us reach Central Asia for Christ?
Country: Central Asia, Eurasia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (7-12 months)
  • Learn the local language and culture
  • Build relationships with the goal of sharing Christ and making disciples
  • Support the vision for multiplying churches and reproducing disciples with local leaders
  • Research and explore opportunities to meet felt needs and contribute meaningfully to a local community
  • Step into a role that provides a meaningful identity in a local community, and work with integrity and Christ-like character
Specific Qualifications:
  • Spiritual maturity, and the ability to nurture one's own walk with the Lord
  • History of active ministry in one's local church
  • Passion to see the glory of God penetrate the unreached in a Muslim context, and to make global, multiplying followers of Christ
  • Life-long learner in the area of church planting in a Muslim context with recognized gifting for church planting and discipleship
  • Ability to be a team player with expat and national team members
  • Humility to work behind the scenes when needed and empower and encourage others to lead
  • Professional qualifications/experience in the particular occupational sphere in which one might work (see additional information below)
  • Creative, open-minded, independent self-starter
  • Cultural sensitivity and a willingness to adapt your method and life to fit a new culture
Additional Information:
Many potential opportunities exist in the following spheres: 
  • Business Entrepreneurship: We need individuals to start local businesses as a bridge to evangelism, making disciples, and starting reproducing churches. This includes business research, funding, start up, and maintenance with integrity 

  • Education: Great opportunities exist to serve in Central Asia as a full-time teacher! Schools are looking for native English speakers to teach secondary, mainly math/science in English, or ESL (grades 7-12). There are also ESL teaching positions in local adult education venues or in colleges and universities. Your ministry could either focus on your students and fellow workers at the school, or you could work with local team members to reach people the in surrounding communities. 

  • Humanitarian aid/community development: Research and implement, with discernment, community development projects that meet felt needs in the community. Possibilities might include mercy ministries for impoverished people, alcohol/drug rehabilitation, working with disabled people, supporting people experiencing crisis pregnancy, ESL, computer literacy, agriculture/animal husbandry, counseling, working with at-risk families and children, medical services, business/job skills training, music lessons, and/or sports clubs. 

  • Leadership development: Individuals to train pastors and lay-leaders to shepherd their flocks and handle the Word of God, and individuals that can explore leadership and professional development in the secular realm as well.