Preschool & Elementary Education Trainer/Consultant - Macedonia

preschool elementary education training consulting macedonia
Train colleagues and local educators by encouraging, affirming and equipping them to serve more effectively.
Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
Engage in holistic discipleship through the integration of your professional skills in education and your Christian faith with fellow educators in the Balkans. Building on our solid track record of assisting preschools and schools through teacher training, you can help train colleagues in diverse areas such as children’s health, special needs, technology and English language instruction. Be a blessing to educators and the children and families they serve, by encouraging, affirming, and equipping them to serve more effectively in an under-resourced and ethnically diverse context. There are also opportunities to engage and consult on significant education projects in government and at the university level.  Those that will be working the mid-term position will be part of a church planting team.
Specific Qualifications:
Professional credentials and experience in early childhood or elementary education.  For the long term position, experience in education policy and teacher training programs is required.

Duration:  Either short term (1-2 weeks) or mid term (1-2 years)