Small Business Startup Coach & Project Assistant

small business startup coach project assistant
Engage in holistic discipleship by using your business experience and Christian faith to help train and coach entrepreneurs desiring to start small Kingdom businesses in the Balkans.
Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Mid-Term (1 - 3 years)
Make a 1-2 year investment in an ongoing project with an established curriculum and track record that equips entrepreneurs with basic business skills and an integrated view of faith and work. The program also provides access to capital for successful participants through a microloan fund. You will have an opportunity to help take a group of entrepreneurs through a year-long training and coaching process that equips them with the skills and resources to go from concept phase to launch of businesses that are financially and spiritually profitable.
Specific Qualifications:
Business experience, either as an owner or employee; growing or established convictions regarding the integration of faith and work

Duration: 1-2 years, not necessarily continuous