D House Spain Internship

Opp ID: 092018SP
discipleship missions young people internship spain youth
Young people age 18 to 25, with a strong English or Spanish speaking background, who want to participate in a three-month discipleship training experience.
Country: Europe, Spain
Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

At D House Spain, you can work together with young people from various cultures, especially young Spanish believers. This internship includes concentrated discipleship, Bible teaching and mentoring provided by SEND Spain missionaries and Spanish church leaders. 

Weekly ministries might include working with children or youth, food/clothing distribution, street evangelism, hospitality, English clubs, media arts and worship ministries. In summer, participants spend time at camps and doing evangelistic campaigns.

Participants live together and work together, have meals together, have Bible studies together and volunteer at ministry sites together. This experience is also open to Spanish young adults, and this international setting promises to be a Kingdom-centered, relationship-building experience for all. 

Specific Qualifications:

This internship can be considered for academic credit.