Spain | Youth Mobilization Group Internship

SEND Europe is looking for a group of three people (you plus two buddies) to serve with our youth mobilization team in Spain for up to three weeks! Visit three different locations in Spain (Madrid, Toledo, Guadalajara, Siguenza, Pais Vasco, Guernica, and more) while you get to experience three different ministries including church planting, social work, creative media studios, youth ministry, BAM or business as mission, English Club, and others. Your main home base will be in Madrid with the youth mobilization team. If this sounds like an interesting opportunity to you, talk with one of our Mission Coaches today!
Country: Europe, Spain
Term: Short-Term (2-4 weeks)
Responsibilities would depend on the locations you visit during your three-week stay and the three ministries you participate in.
Specific Qualifications:
• Flexible and able to adapt
• Able to shop, cook, and clean for yourself (or in partnership with roommates)
• Travel using Spanish public transportation
• Able to interact and build connections with others with ease
• Be comfortable living with missionary host families
Additional Information:
Our Local Vision

The SYM (Spain Youth Mobilization) team has a heart for the next generation in Spain and mobilizing them in the local and national church and even internationally to missions! We work through various creative ways to help train, encourage, and mobilize the Spanish youth. You can join our team in this vision, while also having the opportunity to travel around Spain and see other places and ministries that SEND missionaries are working.

Kingdom Development Goals
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Lift Up Women & Girls
  • Educate to Elevate
  • Engage with Poverty & Injustice
  • Generate Decent Jobs
  • Pursue Simple Ethical Living
  • Care for Creation
  • Build Durable, Healthy, Strong Families