Teachers and Tutors - Macedonia

teachers public private tutoring international schools Macedonia

Teachers for a variety of settings: public, private, tutoring, one room schools, and/or large international schools.

Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
You will be partnered with a missionary team or family, but you may also have the opportunity to participate in individual teaching assignments, or to work for one of the local English-speaking schools. Your main ministry will be to your students, with the opportunity to be involved in other ministries as time allows.
Specific Qualifications:
  • Teaching certificate (unless serving as a tutor, where you will be accepted as a helper)
  • Flexible and willing to serve
  • Team player
  • Heart for God and love for people
Additional Information:
If you are interested in serving overseas and sharing the love of Christ with your students, this is a great opportunity! Macedonia has a few schools (not Christian based) which hire international teachers on two-year contracts.

There are also opportunities to serve as a tutor for homeschooled missionary kids. Tutors must be able to serve for at least one semester.