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Making disciples among the unreached

Surge! Strategic Partnership Trip to Alaska/Northwest Canada

a partnership exploration/development trip for pre-defined groups of church leadership, college faculty, and organizational leadership

Surge! is a partnership exploration/development trip for pre-defined groups of church leadership, college faculty, and organizational leadership. The primary purpose of the trip is to provide firsthand knowledge of northern ministry so groups can more effectively partner with SEND North long-term. This trip is ideal for church missions leaders.

Trip Details:

- Surge! is a rapid fire vision trip of the SEND North field.
- Board SEND's own plane on arrival in Anchorage, Alaska and take off for destinations from Kodiak Island and western Alaska to Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories. This will include flying over mountains, rivers, forests and barren tundra in this wild region.
- Visit resident church planting missionaries on location as they work with Alutiiq, Yupik, Athabaskan, First Nations and other indigenous people groups.
- Experience ministries in various stages of completion; beginning with learning local culture and building relationships leading into evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and ultimately establishing an independent church
- Observe other types of ministry and see bi-vocational school teachers, health care workers, aircraft mechanics use their skills as a platform for sharing the Gospel.- Surge! participants will be expected to complete some necessary preparation before their arrival. All participants will undergo an orientation session in Anchorage before the trip, and debrief after their tour across the far North.

Country: Alaska, Canada, SEND North
Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
Additional Information:

Trip duration: 7 - 10 days, specific dates to be determined on an individual basis.
Estimated Expenses - $1,400 USD plus airfare to Anchorage and administrative costs

Every aspect of Surge! is designed to give you the greatest possible insight into a northern ministry. Our goal is for you to see what the Lord is doing up here, and quite honestly, our desire is for Him to bring you onboard. A surge is defined as a sudden, wavelike forward movement. With that in mind, we are asking God to push the ministry of SEND North ahead by supplying a new wave of church planters. Our prayer is for you to join the Surge! ùBarry Rempel, Area director