Four agencies. One vision. One ministry to diaspora unreached people groups in the United States. 

Millions of people from closed or limited-access countries have come to our shores — the same people we are trying to engage with the gospel overseas. Why not reach out to them here?  

SEND International had joined forces with three other agencies to serve and share the love of Christ with unreached people groups in America. By working together to send workers into diaspora neighborhoods in the US, we believe we can affect more lives and see more people enter the Kingdom of God.

Diaspora Ministry Coalition Values
  • Gospel & Churches: We value sharing the message of Christ and starting simple, reproducible house churches.
  • Movement: We have a joint vision to see Disciple Making Movements among diaspora peoples.
  • Unreached People Groups: We share a passion to love those from unreached people groups. We want to focus our efforts on these groups.
  • Team: We believe in the synergy of healthy teams. We are looking for people who can work well within a team. We are also seeking catalytic leaders who can raise up and lead teams.

Coalition members do their first year of service through the EQUIP training program in New York City. This unique training experience prepares people to plant churches with the Coalition. EQUIP participants:

  • Learn the DNA for reproducible church planting
  • Train with experienced church planters
  • Start Discovery Bible Studies and house churches
  • Evangelize and disciple cross-culturally
  • Experience the power of the gospel in life and ministry

EQUIP is designed to prepare believers for wherever the Lord takes them – whether to their own neighborhoods or to a city across the world. Come join us for this cross-cultural equipping experience.


Our joint ministry efforts currently are focused on three locations in the United States.

  • Atlanta, Georgia — Working with a Hindi-speaking people. Population of 17,000–30,000.
  • Chicago, Illinois – Developing a team to work with Urdu, Pakistani Muslims. Population of 40,000–70,000.
  • Patterson, New Jersey – Developing a team to work with Arab Muslims. Population of 20,000–40,000. 

Do you have a passion to serve unreached people groups in the US on a multi-agency team? Let’s talk! Click here to get connected with a missions coach.