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Serving in missions is best done in community.  

GO Groups are an opportunity for you to journey with other believers as you grow in cross-cultural missions involvement.

These small groups meet monthly in homes, churches, coffee shops, and other settings throughout the Philippines and are designed for those who are interested in missions and want to meet regularly for fellowship with others who are also missions-minded.

Information for Individuals

If you are an individual in the Philippines who is passionate about missions and are seeking out new opportunities to serve God cross-culturally, GO Groups can be perfect for connecting you with other like-minded believers. Joining a GO Group can help you in the following ways:

Provides support and encouragement for you in the case that your church is not yet mobilized or passionate about missions.

Helps you to discover more of God’s story and your role in sharing his story to the world.

Allows you to learn more about missions and the opportunities out there for you to use your gifts and passions for a greater purpose. 

Gives you a time each month to meet with others who are passionate about missions. 

Is a safe place for you to ask questions as you prepare for more missions involvement. 

Provides opportunities for you to grow in ministry & leadership skills.

Information for Churches

Churches play a major part in missions.  Every Filipino church, no matter how large or small is called to be involved in sending out missionaries.  GO Groups can be a great tool to help you mobilize your church for missions. Implementing the GO Groups program in your church can have the following benefits:

Provides leadership equipping to those who become GO Group leaders in mentoring and discipling in missions. 

Allows you to more effectively mentor and disciple your church members in missions as your GO Group leaders become the mentors and disciplers. 

Is a tool to help you more accurately assess the growth of your church members in their missions involvement.

Helps develop your church community to become more passionate about missions. 

We were created to relate with one another through stories.  In fact, all of our lives are stories that are continually being written.  As a GO Group member, you will have the opportunity to share your story with your group. You will then discover together how your stories fit into the most important story, God’s story.
Types of GO Groups

General Missions Groups: This type of group is perfect for those people who are not yet passionate about a specific country or people group or for groups that have members whose passions are for different places. 

Country Focused: If your group members have a similar passion for a particular country, it can be beneficial to join or create a group with a specific country focus.  For example, a GO Thailand Group will focus specifically on the culture, opportunities, and prayer requests about Thailand when meeting together. 

People Group Focused: These groups are for those who have a similar interest in the same people group.  For example, a group that is passionate about reaching the Hakka people from China could become a GO Hakka Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does a GO Group meet?

We suggest that GO Groups meet once a month.  This allows for group members to still be involved in their regular small groups and other ministry activities. 

Does my GO Group replace my regular small group that I am already apart of?

No, your GO Group is not meant to be a replacement for your church small group.  The main focus of your GO Group is missions so it is important that you are also meeting with your regular small group to discuss other issues and to live in accountability to other believers. 

Where do GO Groups meet?

GO Groups meet throughout the Philippines, wherever a trained GO Group leader is present. 

Who are GO Groups for?

For anyone who is interested in missions and would like to grow in their missions involvement.  Whether you are just learning about missions for the first time or have already been overseas, GO Groups can be extremely beneficial to you. 

What will be discussed in my GO Group?

The short answer is missions.  Specifically you will learn more about missions and God’s heart for the nations, the needs of countries for missionaries and prayer, and you will discuss your own personal journeys into missions. 

I want to start up a GO Group in my area.  How can I do this?

All GO Group leaders have to go through the half-day Group Leader training.  See the Group Leader training tab below for upcoming training dates, qualifications of a Group Leader, and to apply to be a leader. 

Do you have to be a member of SEND in order to join a GO Group?

No, we welcome people from all different churches and organizations to become a part of a GO Group. 

Do I have to go on missions or be preparing to go on missions in order to join a group?

No.  GO Groups are perfect even for those who do not feel called to go on missions but rather to send others.  

How long should I be a part of a group for?

It is really up to you.  We suggest that group members be a part of a group for a year, but for some, this is not possible and that’s ok! 

How many members are in each GO Group?

A GO Group can be as few as 3 members and as many as 8.  We encourage groups that reach about 8 people to split off to allow for more personal discussion. 

What if I have other questions that weren’t answered in this FAQ?

Then we would love to answer them for you.  Simply e-mail [email protected] with your question and one of our team members will be happy to answer your question for you. 

Can I use my GO Group for business or other personal transactions?

No, we do not allow business transactions or transaction of any kind inside of GO Groups.  Also, GO Groups may not be used for the financial gain of members or leaders.

Contact Us

For questions and other inquiries, please contact us at:

Group Leaders Training

Our Group Leader Training Program is a 3-hour training session that prepares you to lead your own GO Group in your church, workplace, or community.  You will be equipped on how to effectively facilitate GO Group meetings as well as how to mentor and disciple members of your group as you help them to discover their role in missions. 

Qualifications of a Group Leader:

     Humble & teachable.

     Willing to be discipled and led.

     Has a growing relationship with the Lord.   

     Is already a member of a GO Group. 

     Is able to secure a recommendation from a pastor or church leader.

     Is passionate about cross-cultural missions. 

     Desires to mentor others in their missions journey.

     Is willing to commit to at least a 1-year term as a GO Group leader.

     Agrees with and adheres to SEND International’s Statement of Faith.

     Is willing to undergo the GO Group Leaders Training.

Apply for Group Leaders Training:

     Click here to access the online application form.

Got questions about the Group Leader Training? Please e-mail [email protected].

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