Short Films
Christmas Greetings from SEND Canada
Rob "Mags" Magwood shares a Christmas greeting and some highlights from SEND Canada!
Resource Type: Video
Highlights, Challenges, and a Special Request
Canadian Director shares ministry highlights and challenges, and a special request.
Resource Type: Video
SEND International 2017 Annual Report
Join us in celebrating God's work in SEND and around the world in 2017!
Resource Type: Video
Be Disciples. Make Disciples.
Canadian Director Rob "Mags" Magwood talks about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.
Resource Type: Video
So You're Thinking of Getting Involved in...
Being a disciple of Jesus is important for anyone hoping to be involved in missions. But...
Resource Type: Video
Merry Christmas from SEND Canada!
Canadian Director highlights 3 ways he has seen God at work through SEND Canada in 2017.
Resource Type: Video
Why Travel So Far to Engage the Unreached?
Why go to far away places? Who are the unreached?
Resource Type: Video
Engaging the Unreached
Who do we mean when we talk about unreached people groups? Watch this video and find out!
Resource Type: Video
Celebrating God's Faithfulness
Celebrating a significant milestone and God's faithfulness in answering prayer!
Country: Canada
Resource Type: Video