A Full-Scale Battle

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I just received an email from a friend which included the line, “Life is a full-scale battle.”  Perhaps we would like to write off these comments as the melodramatic sentiments of someone at the end of a hard day.  Or could it be that those few words remind us of a truth expressed in Scripture from cover to cover?

In his thought-provoking work, God’s Prayer Book, Ben Patterson writes, “The world of prayer is a world of intense conflict.  The enemy is never far away when we pray.  Prayer is not escape; it is engagement.”
Intense conflict.  Engagement.  I don’t know about you, but often I am looking for the opposite.  Yet life, at least when it’s lived with eyes wide open, won’t allow us that false luxury.  We ARE engaged in a conflict that has put the very souls of men and women in jeopardy.  What you and I do, especially when it comes to prayer, really matters.
So I would invite you join us to engage.  We have created this blog and web resources to highlight prayer needs from the Far North.  Our desire is that it serves as “fuel” for your fire as you engage in prayer.  We will work to keep it current, relevant, humorous at times, and focused on our mission to see lives truly transformed by the Gospel throughout the North. I welcome your thoughts, comments, and most of all prayer.
Barry Rempel
SEND North Area Director
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