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There are many wonderful people whom God has called to serve in the Far North.  Most of them we will never mention by name since we don't want to bring confusion to their cross-cultural work.  We talked about that in depth in the article, Anonymous.  However, we do want you to get to know us better.  So we will periodically use this blog introduce you to the people within the different areas of the Logistics & Support Team.  The best place to start is at the top.  Let us introduce to you our Area Director, Barry Rempel.

Strong vision is one of the key strengths needed for any leader to be successful. SEND North is blessed to have an Area Director who has a strong gift of leading through vision. Barry Rempel is a second generation Area Director for SEND North. He grew up watching his dad lead our field through a very important time in the mission’s 75-plus year history. Now Barry has the daily task of keeping the vision of SEND North in focus for all of our team.  That vision involves placing Christian workers across a vast region of the North we call the 60/70 Window.  Barry and his wife, Ruth, have been part of SEND for over 25 years. They started their careers as church planters in Spain for ten years.  From that

Barry and his wife, Ruth, have been part of SEND for over 25 years. They started their careers as church planters in Spain for ten years.  From that point, Barry worked for a time in SEND International’s home office in Michigan.  They were led to Alaska in 2000 as Church Ministries Director.  He was key in the field’s efforts in returning to its roots as a church planting organization.  The field grew from 4 full-time church planters when he arrived,  to over 65 full-time church planters today.  In 2008 Barry became the Area Director for SEND North.  He just completed his Doctor of Ministry degree from Tyndale Seminary in November of  2014.  His focus was Christian leadership. 

Barry and Ruth have two daughters, Katya and Savanna.  Their family grew in 2013 when Matthew made Katya his wife.  Barry likes to unwind with a fishing pole in hand on the water or taking his motorcycle out for a spin.  An interesting side note, SEND North's office in Anchorage is across the street from the Harley Davidson showroom.  Just goes to show how our loving Father gave us the perfect office location (proximity to the airport and our guest-house were bonuses).

SEND North has continued to grow under Barry Rempel's leadership.  This growth is pushing Barry to the limits of what one person can do in 24 hours as a leader.  Therefore we have tapped one of our team members to fill the role of Assistant Area Director.  We will introduce him after he takes up his mantel this summer. Please pray for Barry Rempel as he seeks God and leads us with integrity.  Pray for spiritual protection over his family.  Pray for our new AAD as his family prepares to move from remote Alaska to the bustling city of Anchorage.  In all things, pray that God's glory will shine through all of us, simple jars of clay.   

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