Can You Picture This?

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Eskimos drumming

You are a cross-cultural missionary in a region that often sees temperatures of -40° and, for six months out of the year, there is little to no sunlight.  Your primary mode of transportation in and out of your village is a small airplane. The next village is 50 to 100 miles away.  You hunt, fish, and trap to provide food for your family.  You minister where your ethnicity makes you a suspicious outsider. In fact, it will take years to develop trust to build even one close relationship.

Where in the world do you think you are?  Would you believe me if I said you were in North America?
The scenario above is reality for SEND North missionaries living intentional lives in Alaska and the northern territories of Canada -- faithful people developing relationships and planting churches among the forgotten peoples of the far North.  Teachers, mechanics, pilots, EMTs, and those simply living life are among the many who serve Jesus in this tough environment.  They face isolation from a faith community, from family, and from other missionaries.  Yet, the love of Christ compels them to stay as the grace of God sustains them in this harsh world.
There are over 100,000 Native Alaskan (USA) and First Nation (Canada) people within the 60/70 window -- the geographic region between 60 and 70 degrees latitude.  SEND North’s vision is to evangelize and plant thriving churches in the 100+ unreached villages scattered across this vast area.  “Saturate in 7” is SEND North’s seven year goal to saturate the communities of the 60/70 Window with people living intentional, exemplary, Christ-like lives.

In addition, their sights are also set on reaching the entire 60-70 Window, envisioning workers supported by SEND North effectively presenting Jesus in communities as far East as Greenland.
Do you have what it takes to join this movement?  Can you picture this?