Catching Fire

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Have you seen our social media pages ablaze with the news of the wildfires?  Alaska and the Canadian Yukon Territory are breaking records for wildfires and the season has just begun.  We just had a fire pass through one of our villages and there are two morebeing threatened as we speak.

Our team and friends in Galena didn't waste a moment when the neighboring town of Nulato was being threatened by wildfire.  They helped evacuate the village and aided firefighters (known as smoke jumpers) in protecting the buildings.  We are thankful that the blaze has passed.  Here is the latest update from our boots on the ground:

"The fire did not burn down any houses (except one abandoned cabin) and the entire town was surrounded by it. The main fire has now moved on and is still burning. The town continues to be at risk with hot spots that need monitored and put out. There are now four crews working on the mop up. Ten of the initial twelve smoke jumpers have moved on to other communities. Join with us in praising God for protection as well as great conversations during this fire. There is still a lot of cleanup work to be done and there are still risks of the fire flaring up again. Pray for the crews to get it all out and for the families to be able to return home soon."

This unparalleled outbreak of fires did not happen overnight or in isolation.  Take a record warm winter with hardly any snow, add the hottest May on record and top it off with a weekend of well over 40,000 lightning strikes…presto…you have nearly 500 wildfires!   They are ravaging communities and disrupting lives.  These fires may even take lives. We throw ourselves into harm's way to save those we can, but it is only an act of God that can stop the whole epidemic! That sounds like the spiritual battle we face!

The troubles people face in the Far North did not develop overnight or in isolation.  Take a harsh environment, add people who experienced deep abuse and loss, add a long history of spiritual oppression, top it off with a repeating cycle of abuse and death….presto…you end up with an overwhelming situation.  We throw ourselves into harm's way to be God's hands and feet to save those we can, but it is only an act of God that can stop the whole epidemic! However, we have hope. This situation did not develop overnight so we know it takes a long-term commitment to love in the midst of the blaze.  It takes me and it takes you. 

Each of us has a part to play.  A big thanks to each of you who already support God's work in the Far North.  Your steadfast support is a vital part of the solution.  If you have not joined us, please download our free report to gain a deeper understanding of Far North Ministry, God's Extreme Love; Life and Ministry in the 60/70 Window.