Diaspora ministry in Atlanta

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Many of the refugees and immigrants who enter the United States are carving out a new home in the Atlanta area. Our Atlanta team shares the love of Christ with these recent arrivals in order to see reproducing churches established both here and in the countries these immigrants have left.  

Currently our Atlanta diaspora ministry team is reaching out to South Asians, often by helping these new neighbors get established in America. The team is also beginning to see some join them in Bible studies to explore who Jesus is.

These refugees have deep wounds and are grieving their losses. They need someone who will wipe their tears and hold their hands, so hours are spent listening to them. Many of these immigrants come from Muslim or Hindu backgrounds and are very open to talk about spiritual things.

Our ambition is to love people deeply, help them explore who Jesus is, and see culturally appropriate churches develop — churches that can reproduce themselves.

We also serve as a catalytic presence for churches in the area by offering them opportunities to serve and share the gospel with refugees and immigrants. 

“The mission field has moved in next door, and too many of us just go whizzing by in our cars with the windows up,” one member of the team said. Often this is because we don’t know how to help — but the opportunities to serve in the Atlanta area are many. If you have some of the practical life skills needed to live in America — ability to tutor kids, drive, help out a new mom, navigate the medical system, fill out government forms — consider joining our Atlanta team. God can use those skills to develop life-changing friendships.