Evangelism Alaskan Style!

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Youth, men, women and elders lined up with a gleam in their eye.  They grip their weapons eager to prove a point.  They had to wait all year for this opportunity!  In the background, the children played, and people enjoyed a cookout.  In the end, winners of the shooting contest received their prizes to the accolades of the crowd.  Over the three days several guest speakers also shared stories of survival, serving a former president, the heartbreak of living through 911 at ground zero, as well as the thrill of chasing news stories.  Each of those speakers also shared the impact God had on their lives through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

At the end of the summer event, our teammates heard good reports about the competition, food, fellowship, speakers, prizes and positive fun.  They are already making plans for next year's event.

Life in a small village in the remote Far North revolves around events like these.  These events give time to come together, to rest from the hard work of survival, to share a meal, to tell stories, to connect.  To host such an event is a way this small fellowship of believers can be a tangible part of the community.  It is in the ebb and flow of real life that the truths about Jesus come to life.

Please pray that believers in the Far North will let their light so shine that people will truly see Jesus.  Please pray for the planning of next year's event, specifically for a good keynote speaker who can effectively share the truth of Jesus in a relevant way. Please also pray for safety not only at the shooting range, but also in everyday life.

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