Ewe are Safe

Tags: SEND North, Story

Last week we all gathered together for our annual conference.  This week we want to share a short allegory our teammate wrote which described a aspect of their ministry experience. Ewe Are Safe Two white and wooly, fur-curled sheep whine for their wooden-enclosed fence—the security of the sheepfold calls to them. They whimper again, but continue to trot. Meanwhile, two petite baby lambs follow closely behind their parents, unmindful of where they are being led. Up ahead the Shepherd leads. Dumb and senseless, the foursome follows without care, crossing river waters, tundra and lichen. Cows, horses and pigs, secure in the sheltered gate, moo and neigh and snort—begging the sheep to come back to safety, where it’s warm, cozy and secure. One cow moos, warning the daddy sheep of the dangers outside the fold—the safe pastures near the barn is where he should raise his family. A stallion snorts, tossing its head up and down, and kicking midair with rear legs—a visual disapproval of the sheep’s stupidity. The witless four chomp on green grass and steadily move onward— keeping an attentive eye on the Shepherd. The Shepherd progresses forward, effortlessly crossing the river water now—trusting the sheep are not far behind his lead. Damp wool and quivering legs find the foursome treading water. They cross the watery, wet chasm and arrive in a land unaccustomed to their species. The family dries quickly in the hot, summer sun as they eagerly look to their Shepherd for direction. Surprisingly their Shepherd is gone, yet His presence is recognized—they know He is near. Faraway the echoes of cow, horse, goat and pig become faded, detached, and distorted. A sense of loneliness tiptoes near the sheep, but they remember their Shepherd always leads them to green pastures and they trust His lead this time as well. The babes whimper and seek comfort in the soft snowy-white coat of their Mama. Just as the foursome nuzzle together, anxious for rest within the foreign land, a dim snarl is heard floating in the wind— —A growl known all too well to sheep-kind everywhere. Four heads perk up and ears erect in alertness…the howls increase in volume, solidifying the fact that they draw near. Enclosed on all flanks, the wolves encircle the family—with silver, black, grey and white fur, the family huddle together succumbing to the inevitable tearing of flesh and tossing of wool. The daddy’s eyes become hazy and blurry, as he peeks through the mass of dense wolf fur, sharp canine teeth and saliva-dripping chops —their Shepherd is faintly visible, smiling, behind the throng of snarling wolves. With staff in hand and a solid nod of support, the sheep know they are sheltered, safe in His watchful care. The wolves circle and bite the air, unable to draw near the sheep and finish the job—the Shepherd ordains each moving paw and each snapping jaw. The family confidently close their eyes and snuggle together, resting bodies and worries for another day of facing their predators. The succeeding days will determine who the Shepherd selects to join the sheepfold—but for now, the family simply finds rest in the Shepherd.