Fill in the Gaps

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There is a big fascination with Alaska.  The more people know the more their curiosity gets piqued.  The increasing number of Alaskan reality TV shows bears this out.  Most people know about Alaska, but there is a gap in their understanding of the Far North, namely Northern Canada. We discussed some of this in a previous article.  Pray for us as we seek God in the role we should play to fill in the gaps in the Far North.

Regarding the information gap, we will be putting together a video to shed some light on this part of the world.  We will be closely monitoring various news sources to bring more Canadian insights to our social media feeds as well.  Pray for creative information gathering and communication for God's glory.  

Our Area Director recently took a ministry survey trip to the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.  He discovered that there many gaps in ministry where SEND North could engage. that we could fill in.  However, like any good exploration trip, we now have more questions than answers. We will begin to sort all those out as a mission next week when Dr. Rempel gives his report at our annual conference. We reach into the unknown, hoping to seize every opportunity the Lord gives us, faithful in His service, and obedient to His call.   A season of focused prayer is needed for wisdom and guidance. 

One such opportunity could be to serve as work camp chaplains.  It is too early to share many details, but we have made contact with one company that may be interested in having us provide this service to their people.  Pray this week that those leaders will be favorable to the idea.  The next step would be to give a full presentation of the idea. Pray for open doors to an impactful outreach opportunity.

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