Flash Flood

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Alaska/Northern-Canada Flooding

SEND North in the midst of an unprecedented challenge with natural disasters.  This is post one of two covering the two troubled locations and how you can help. 

----- Ross River, Yukon Territory; May 15 & May 30 - June 3, 2013 The Setting: A small community of 400, predominantly First Nations residents, located at the confluence of the Pelly and Ross Rivers (tributaries to the Yukon). The Incident: Warmer temperatures and surging spring run-off broke up the ice covering the river and carried it downstream. On the afternoon of May 15th the ice flowing on the Pelly River jammed near the town and flooded low-lying roads and homes, causing local residents to run for higher ground. Three hours later the jam released and the flood subsided. On May 30th the swollen river breached the dike again, causing a second flood lasting several days. The Aftermath: Several homes were damaged and two destroyed. The “three-hour event” of May 15th created a long-term problem for members of the community.  The second flood hindered efforts to recover from the first.

Ross River, Yukon, Canada

How this affects the ministry of SEND North: SEND church planters, Tim and Gwendy Colwell lost many of their possessions and have sought temporary shelter in the local community center. They are looking for a more long-term solution for housing. Their home, a owned by SEND North, is a total loss. You can view footage of the Colwells during the second flood  here.