Regional Ministry House

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How many uses can you think of for a home? When ministering in a remote community a home is more than a place to eat and sleep. It is ...

  • a location for youth outreach events,
  • accommodations for mission personnel passing through the area,
  • a site for ministry team meetings,
  • a home for a SEND  family,
  • a place to conduct training of new personnel,
  • a place to host short-term volunteers.
We have the opportunity to purchase a well-constructed house in Galena, Alaska which is suitable to meet our current and future ministry needs.  This includes more than just what is listed above. The community of Galena is a strategic ministry location.  It is in the Middle Yukon River area of Alaska’s Western Interior. Galena is another “hub” community from which transportation and other services extend to villages in the surrounding area. SEND North works in partnership with the Galena Bible Church to reach the local population (500; Athabaskan and white), the students residing at the G.I.L.A. boarding school (200; Yupik, Alutiq, Inupiaq, Athabaskan and white), and the people living throughout the region (8 villages; 1,500 people mostly Athabaskan, some white). God moved in powerful ways through all of us two years ago when this community was struck by a devastating flood.  Adding this resource would build on what God has been doing. If you wish to help make this purchase a reality, please mail a check to: SEND North attn: Galena Home 4227 Spenard Road, Unit B Anchorage Alaska 99517