Going Global

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Have you ever felt alone, disconnected, or not sure of how your work fits into the big picture?  That is not fun!  It is so easy so lose site when life is pressing in all around you.  Now, have you ever had time to step back and really see all that God was doing all over the globe?  Maybe it was a missionary speaking at your church, or an article that you read online.  Have you stopped to ponder that you are a part of God's global Kingdom-building efforts?  Those moments of perspective bring refreshing clarity as well as help you stay on target with your most important priorities.  It is the same for us! 

We work in small and remote areas, as you've seen by now.  We talk about the challenges quite a bit.  One of the ways we have kept going for over 75 years is that we are a part of a bigger picture.  SEND North is a part of SEND International which works to start churches in the unreached corners of the world.  We are about to enter one of those times of perspective and refreshing  as we host the International Council meetings for the whole mission. You see, SEND is structured in such a way that each missionary has a say in the whole organization by vote.  The International Council is like a board of directors.  It is made up of elected missionaries and appointed outside leaders who set goals and policies that mission members then ratify.  They help keep the mission on track and deal with larger issues.  They are a group that provides a sense of direction, bonding, stewardship, preparedness and care for us as well as the global community of SEND. 

We are so glad to have them in Alaska so they can see first-hand what God is doing in the Far North. So in this post we again ask you to pray.  Pray for safety in travel.  Pray for wisdom in the strategy sessions as they cast the vision and keep us all on course.  Pray for unity.  Finally, pray that they will have a bigger sense of all that God is doing in Alaska and Northern Canada!

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