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Making disciples among the unreached

Jesus in the 60/70 Window

Tags: SEND North, Story

SEND North's strategic goal is to see every community of the 60/70 Window filled with local disciple-makers who meet together regularly and have established regional leadership.

Maybe you look at this goal and wonder, "what tactics work in making disciple-makers?  Don't you need to take surveys, create high impact services, and put on evangelism programs? " This may work well in some places, but this ministry plan it would tragically backfire in rural Alaska or Northern Canada. 

Our vision statement reflects what we believe to be the necessary focus to reach the people in this unique part of the world.   Last week's article gave a bird's eye view of the 60/70 Window.  Today, let's examine one specific discipleship tactic; to saturate a community with believers who live intentional, exemplary, Christ-like lives.

Saturate:  We serve in remote locations that are small and very tight-knit.  These communities also have a long history of strangers moving in to take advantage of some resource (whales, fur, gold, and oil) only to leave once they've taken their fill.  To bring God's love means moving into the community and living life together.  However, if you have too many ministers moving into a small community it can begin to make people feel like a project.  That would be the opposite of what we want.  To saturate is to have just the right number of Christians moving into just the right role within that specific community.

Intentional:   Sharing the good news doesn't happen by accident and neither can it be forced.  It takes intentionality.  Just surviving in the 60/70 Window takes a lot of time and energy.  If we are not intentional, many natural opportunities to share God's love can slip by in the labor of living.   Intentional also describes the care we must take in our spiritual walk and lives.  In such intimate communities, people are watching and one's integrity must be guarded.

Exemplary:  At first glance, this word might invoke the idea of 'perfect'.  That is by no means our meaning.  Life up here is hard and the spiritual warfare is very real!  Ministry will not survive in these harsh conditions unless one has a walk with Jesus that shines beyond mediocrity.   People who are hurting tend to inflict the most hurt on those around them.  These villages and communities have a culture that is distinct from their host countries.   Exemplary means having a vision of God that is bigger than your sense of cultural ownership or personal boundaries.  Exemplary means walking the tightrope between universal Biblical truth and cultural preference with humility and grace.

Christ-like lives:  This is the heart of it all.  We are not giving a religion.  We are not just giving a means to a better life.  We are putting God's love on display as we are Jesus' hands and feet.  We are declaring the way back to the God who passionately loves them.  We are showing the difference Jesus makes in life, a family, and community.

Do you want to join us?  Get more detailed information here.  Do you want to give to this work?  Here are a few projects you can support.   Do you want to help us spread the word via social media? 

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