Life and Death

Tags: SEND North, Story

This past week our teammates have seen both extremes up close in personal. 

On one end of the Far North, two jail inmates crossed over from death to life.  Our team mate was helping at a jail Bible Study when she was felt the nudge.  The inmates were sharing their hearts and their need for a savior was palatable.  The good news was shared, and these two precious souls eagerly embraced their heavenly father.  God was so clearly at work all that was needed was to catch the fruit as it fell.  Pray for our team mate as they return to follow up and disciple two new disciples. 

A thousand miles away hearts were breaking as a bear stole a life.  Our team mate in that town not only preaches but also is a first responder.  He had to deal with the harsh reality of the attack as well as the harsh reality of walking through the grief with friends and family.  Please pray for God's special presence and peace.  May our great God bring good out of this tragedy.   

"In death and life I'm confident and covered by The power of Your great love.  My debt is paid, there's nothing that can separate My heart from Your great love. …. Your love never fails It never gives up It never runs out on me"   -Jesus Culture, One Thing Remains

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