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Marketing as a ministry? Yes. 

Think about it. 

Marketing is simply connecting with people so they clearly understand something.  Ministry happens when a group of people team up under God's guidance and power to advance His Kingdom.  Teaming up takes communication.  We want people to see, hear, and understand what God is doing in the Far North!

This is our second post in which we introduce you to different members of our Logistics & Support Team.  Today meet the Halls and the Carlsons.

Steven and Natalie Hall have three children, Emma  (16), Davis (14), and Song (12).   As a family they enjoy hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and family movie nights.  They boys love golf and football. 

They originate from sunny South Carolina where Steven was in the wholesale-end of the swimming pool business and Natalie had a children’s art studio. 

They initially came to SEND North to lead the short term department.  God used Steven as Acting Area Director during the key relocation of the headquarters from Glennallen to Anchorage.  Steven now is the Director of Partnership Development.  He is key to the expansion of God's work through SEND North. 

As our workforce continues to grow we have expanding needs for funds, volunteers, and prayer.  Steven is working to expand these key partnerships.   Steven says, "Over the last ten years it has been exciting to see how God has used churches and individuals to partner with the work of SEND North. Through these partnerships many major projects have been completed and many lives have been impacted! We enjoy bringing people to Alaska on Vision Treks, to see and experience His work here.
(Curious about Vision TreksClick here)"  You can watch their support video here and learn more about them.

Steven is gifted at connecting people to God's work, but he can't do it alone.  In this day and age one must be connected online.  To this end, Steven is aided by the slightly nerdy, Daryl Carlson  (I can say that because I, Daryl, am writing this article.) 

Daryl and Laura Carlson had served with SEND for about 15 years.  In April of 2016 Daryl shifted gears to continue to serve SEND North as a contract employee.  (Learn more here.)

The Carlsons hail from Illinois via Chicago and Peoria.  Daryl graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a B.A. in Communications.  He started in SEND North's radio division serving KRSA and KCAM radio.  In 2011 Daryl began to develop SEND North's social media presence that he continues to do today.

I, Daryl, work with Steven to build partnerships by posting engaging content on social media and blog posts (like this one). I also fill in the gaps of the communication with print projects, video production, and website development. (See some of my video work here)

There is such an intense fascination with Alaska, we would be negligent if we did not make the effort to use that interest to connect people to what God is doing all over the Far North.   I love to communicate what God is doing!

The great thing about this Marketing Ministry is that it is open to everyone to participate directly.  Follow us on social media and spread the word by commenting, liking, sharing, retweeting.  These simple activities done consistently will produce  great networking connections for God's Kingdom.

Learn more by downloading the free report, God's Extreme Love; Life and Ministry in the Far North. 

God can do great things through each of us!
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