Mushing...Part of Alaskan Life.

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Why do they call it "mushing"? And who are they, anyway?

Mushing Running a dog team can be...well, it can be incredibly frustrating, especially if they don't actually RUN. Over the years I've had more than my share of leader problems. Without an adequate leader you don't have a team. What you do have is a tangled mess. But enough of that.

This year I have a TEAM. And I have good leaders. One in particular, who's name is "Mouse". She is much more than the name implies (well, she does kind of look like a mouse, sort of). This dog has changed my whole world, as far as dogs are concerned.

Running dogs is the ONE thing I do for me; to unwind, to forget about the stresses of living where I do, to just get out and have fun...

...and fun it is! If you like animals (dogs in particular), if you appreciate the cooperative effort of humans and animals working together (those guys in India and S.E. Asia riding on their working elephants are the extreme example), or if you like skiing and the idea of roping up a bunch of animals and hanging on for dear life seems appealing, dog mushing may be the sport for you. It's the sport for me, that I can tell you, and yesterday was a blast.

Today should be more of the same.