Staying to Serve - Ukraine Crisis Story

Cleaning chickens to feed people in Ukraine
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Thank you so much for your continued support for Ukraine throughout this difficult time. Please continue to pray for those who have stayed during the crisis and continue to serve others amidst the chaos.

From a church partner in Ukraine:
Our region has been hard hit and many people have left. Inna* continues to stay and serve. She was a nurse for many years in hospice and now is helping once again. Inna is the training coordinator for women at the church. She continues to train her leaders in the region, currently going through the course Significant Woman. These leaders are feeding the sick, sharing the gospel in cellars, at the hospitals and anywhere they are able.

She and her church meet regularly for prayer and helping to feed people. Currently there are 14 people there with no relatives caring for them. Recently, they received a donation of chickens. Anyone could come and help butcher chickens. Anyone who helped was able to take meat home. The church also handed out eggs and shared the gospel with people.

*Name has been changed to protect her identity.