Summer Camp

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Each and every summer buzzes with activity in the Far North. Long hours of daylight afford us time to get vital work done and connect in deeper ways. Summer camp is a major event for various ministries all over the world, and this is no exception in the 60 / 70 Window!  

It is had to express with words how essential camp is for the kids who live in isolated villages.  We could easily share many stories from the camps which we run.  However, we are not alone up here.  There are other organizations with whom we partner in varying degrees.   Lauren Schwaar composed a thoughtful, in-depth blog about her experience at a Covenant Church summer camp in Alaska.  I love her summary thoughts:

"Whenever someone has asked me how my trip to Alaska was during the past week or so that I’ve been back in the Lower 48, I always begin my tale with how beautiful Alaska is and how they should go if they ever get the chance. However, it wasn’t the breathtaking view of Anchorage that greeted us on the plane ride or the never-ending ranges of snow-crested mountains over which we flew to reach our village or even the muted green valleys enclosed by distant mountains and ribboned with crystal rivers we surveyed during hike days at camp that so captivated me. It was the people I met, worked with, prayed with and for, and laughed with. It was the groups of children which God created, ordained, picked, and sent to camp to learn about Him perhaps for the first or only time. Alaska certainly is breathtaking and you should certainly go if you ever get the chance. But an opportunity to serve a people like that is a much greater treasure."

I encourage you to read the full blog post here... Please be in prayer for all the children and teenagers will have and will be attending camp this summer.  Pray for transformed lives, times of healing of emotional wounds, and pray for the forging of friendships that will stand the test of time.  

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