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Making disciples among the unreached

The 60/70 Window 

Tags: Alaska, Canada, SEND North, Story

It is challenging to work in two countries that are wealthy, well-connected, and heavily churched.  However, the opposite is true in the remote corners of these lands.  This is why we work in the northern extremes of the USA and Canada

We work to raise up local disciples of Jesus who become disciple-makers.  Throughout the years we have shared our ministry we've discovered that most people don't understand what is going on above the 60th parallel in these countries. 

So, we've coined the phrase, "The 60/70 Window" to help people see that it is a different world up here.

US military pays their soldiers overseas pay when stationed in Alaska.  There are communities in Northern Canada that still use native language as much as English and French.  Native American and First Nations people are legally distinct countries with unique laws and jurisdictions.   The onslaught of reality TV shows exposes certian aspects of the Far North.  It is cold, wild, remote, dangerous, and has the extremes of all daylight in the summer and darkness in the winter.  However these shows use creative video editing that hinders genuine understanding.  It is the people with extreme behaviors or outlooks that get the most air time thus giving a very myopic view of life in the Far North.  (The exception is the mini-series, The Last Alaskans.)  If you are interested in a brief but thorough look at life in the 60/70 Window, check out our free report, God's Extreme Love

For now, let's get a sense of things most people don't see. People only get a glimpse of the amazing ways these people pull together to survive. 

  • People don't see the beauty of these aboriginal cultures; the way they remember their past and pass down valuable life lessons. 
  • Neither do people see the struggles of trying to make sense of living in a culture so foreign to one's identity and family roots. 
  • People don't see the pain of growing up through the continual, tragic loss of close friends and family. 
  • People don't see the amazing resilience of these who travel these roads and still smile and face another day. Most importantly, no one can see the love of God for them unless it is lived out before their eyes, especially in the midst of their suffering.

  SEND North exists to put God on display! So how do we share God's love in a culturally relevant way?  We'll talk about that next week. Follow SEND North on Social Media: Facebook      Twitter     Google+    LinkedIn    Pinterest  Instagram