The Fruit of Prayer

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Here is a brief prayer report from one of our team mates showing what God has been doing as their church has focused on prayer.  They have been going for more than 60 days praying an hour each day for their community.  

"Dear Praying Friends,

    God has done it again.  L. attended our church as a visitor with his fiance. Pastor taught the Bible study at 4:30 with the family.  I then helped M with her homework.  I had finished helping her and decided to stay 15 more minutes.  I was able to share with L when he came home and he accepted Christ as his Savior!  A is a Christian who is not living for the Lord, and so I will try and arrange a Bible study with them.  Pastor was also able to lead an American to the Lord this week.  How thrilling is that?!

    I will be discipling the wife of the former drug dealer who accepted Christ.  I prayed about it and the Lord is leading me to do that.  Because they are separated, they can't be discipled together.  Pray that S and J grow in their faith and get back together.  S will be baptized on Easter.  Pray as I work with J.  She is in the process of getting help for her addictions.  They have a little girl.

    We have 5 people who have committed to baptism so far.  2 are still question marks.  Another girl told me that she is interested and so I will do lessons with her on Saturday if her Mom gives her permission.  Pastor will be giving an evangelistic message that morning and T is inviting lots of family and friends.  What will God do that morning?  I can't wait to see!"
(names omitted for privacy)