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People don’t understand all that goes into ministry in Alaska and Northern Canada. We've heard people say they want to support those who do ‘frontline ministries’  That is a good thing because we need people in these isolated communities doing youth work, leading Bible studies, church planting, and putting the Gospel on display.  However, if that is all there was front-line ministries would never survive.

If you followed us for even a short period, you should have heard us describe how difficult it is to minister in the 60/70 Window.  (If you want more information on this, check out the report God's Extreme Love; Life and Ministry in the 60/70 Window.)  These vital ministries must be supported, and people need to be prepared.    That is why we have a Logistics & Support Team.

This team is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska with a way station in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Yellowknife, Canada.  Logistics & Support is made up of smaller teams that work together to ensure the smooth functioning of the mission and aid in the successes of those on the front line.  You can view a short, L&S video at this link.  The following is the basic breakdown of the L&S Team:

  • Our Financial Team is comprised of Clive Donaldson and Larry Bigelow.  They keep us on budget and help each team member with projects and work expenses.  
  • The Member Care Team includes Joe and Holly Greeson, and Jill Kaniut.  They encourage those on the front lines through notes and visits and keep an eye on their emotional health.  
  • Jerry and Jane Casey lead The Aviation Team.  Jerry is the Chief pilot.  That means he covers the bulk of our flying needs, keeps us up to FAA code, and ensures our church planting pilots stay sharp.  Jane takes care of the aviation scheduling and admin duties which are a handful.   They also do a lot of member care work since they travel regularly to our various communities.   
  • We have two guest houses in hub locations to resource our teams.  In Anchorage, we have a 5 unit complex run by various volunteers who rotate through on an annual basis. Mark and Nicola Faires run a small ‘way station’ in Fairbanks, Alaska.  They provide rest and almost anything else that is needed to advance the work in the region.  Both teams provide vital logistical support!
  • The Marketing /Partnership Development Team is headed up by Steven and Natalie Hall.   They connect people outside of the mission to the work God is doing which includes overseeing short-term teams.  Steven builds strategic partnerships with individuals and churches to keep this ministry adequately resourced.  He is also aided by a part-time communications specialist, Daryl Carlson.  Yours truly was a full-time missionary with SEND for 15 years but now works in this role part time by contract from Peoria, Illinois.  
  • Special Events Team:  Kelly Bigelow and Jill Kaniut are good at helping to put together events, the biggest of which is our Annual Conference.  They also step in wherever they are needed to keep the L&S Team running smoothly. 

I hope that you can see that each member of the body does its part.   We know the extreme challenges that our friends face out in the remote corners of the 60/70 Window.   We want to see them thrive as God works through them.  To bring the Good News to the Far North takes a total team effort.  As our former Director, Barry Rempel once said; “If we are engaged in this front line ministry, that means we are engaged in what it takes to keep this front line ministry going.”

How about you?  Do you want to be a part of our team?  There are many ways to help us out.  If you are in the least bit interested, check out this link.


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