We are not Settlers!

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Have you ever said goodbye to a good friend?  I’m sure it was a time full of emotions, reminiscing about the good times, and for certain you would speak words of encouragement as they embarked on their new adventure.  We took the time to do this as a mission for Barry and Ruth Rempel.

As you may know, we have said goodbye to our good friend and Area Director.  In his final State of the Mission address, Barry took the time to encourage us to continue to trust God and move into the opportunities He has placed before us.  Barry played off the satellite TV commercial, The Settlers.  "We are not settlers, we are pioneers", was the refrain Barry used often. 

Instead of trying to recap the event, please view it for yourself below. We have edited out any sensitive information like names of people or places.

I hope it encourages you and gives you a sense of the great work God has placed in front of us.  Follow this link: