Christ in the Muslim World
February 2024

Please join us in praying on the first Friday of every month for those in the Muslim community to find the beauty of Christ in their lives.

By a member of SEND Diaspora | North America team.

Who Provides?

One of the refugees we were ministering to had just discovered how easy it was to acquire things in America. Not only that, he couldn’t believe how fast he could buy what he wanted.

“I just bought a new car!” he said excitedly. “I lived in Turkey as a refugee for seven years and was never allowed to buy even a moped. I lived in Iran for several years before that and was never allowed to buy a bicycle. But, after just seven months here as a refugee in the U.S., I got my driver’s license and bought a car. I had to pay a lot to get both, but I finally have the freedom to buy anything here.”

Who Do We Rely On?

This was both encouraging and discouraging to hear. I was glad that after almost a decade of treading water as refugees, they could finally start making something of themselves. But on the other hand, materialism could quickly get a grip on their heart and mind. If they think if we just work hard enough, we can make ourselves successful, that mindset might also translate to working hard to earn God’s favor. It could also be the reverse; since they are now successful, they will think they do not need God at all.

It is essential for those of us working with refugees and immigrants to continue to show a firm reliance on our Lord and Savior. We, of course, can be proud of our hard work. Still, we must vigilantly acknowledge that He is the provider of our good health and physical abilities and the source of all blessings.


Also known as Ramadan to Arabic speakers, this is the month of fasting for Muslims. It starts on March 10 this year and runs through April 8. Many Christians join together every year to pray for Muslims using a prayer guide called 30 Days of Prayer. We invite you to join in too! You can order the prayer guide at the 30 Days Prayer website. You can order either a print version for $3.50 or a digital version for $2.50 (They look very similar on the web, so make sure you order the format you want.) If you want the printed copy, I encourage you to order soon to ensure it reaches you before Ramadan.

Pray for the 10/10 Prayer Initiative

This prayer initiative began in 2018, so we are in the sixth year of this 10-year initiative. Will you pray for Muslims scattered globally to experience the life-giving grace of God? Will you ask others to join you? Perhaps you could gather your Sunday school class or small group and host an evening of prayer on the first Friday of the month. We pray that 10% of the Muslim world will come to Christ in 10 years!

Prayer Requests
  • Things are escalating worldwide. Pray for war-torn areas that need the healing touch of God’s love and peace.
  • Refugees continue to pour into this country, both officially and unofficially. Pray for churches nationwide to continue to open doors and hearts to share their faith with Muslims.
  • Pray for Christian workers in Muslim areas to be filled daily with grace and truth to shine the light of Christ in these spiritually dark places.
  • Pray for Christian workers detained and facing challenging circumstances - that they will know God’s presence and grace in a powerful way daily.
  • Give thanks for volunteers who are stepping out in faith to share the love and light of Christ with Muslims.


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