Explore Panel: What is the best part about getting to do what you do as a missionary?
July 2022
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What is the best part about getting to do what you do as a missionary? There is a lot to missionary life. Here are some of our missionary panel's favorite aspects of life in this month’s Explore News!

Great Joy in God's Plan and Learning from the Church

"Two things come to mind. One is that there is a great joy in being in the middle of God's plan to bring his glory to all the nations. The other part is the joy in seeing a different part of God's body (the Church) in another part of the world. There is so much to learn and God grows us so much as we interact with brothers and sisters who can see things that we tend to not see from inside our own culture. I have been blessed over and over by my brothers and sisters that I have served with from the local church and from the multi-cultural team with SEND."

International Living

"My favorite part about missionary life is living internationally. Being here in big city Tokyo has opened up so many doors to meet and befriend people from all over. Obviously I connect with many Japanese, but there are also many other expats from different places with different languages, cultures, and lifestyles. Cross-cultural living is not just a bridge that you have to cross from one place to another, but more like a web with many different strands all interconnected. All of those things come with their difficulties but also exciting adventures if you’re willing to pursue them."

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Kingdom Diversity and Being the Presence of Jesus

"The best part is seeing the diversity in God's Kingdom and breaking down my preconceptions of what I think God and his Kingdom should be in order to have a fuller and more beautiful understanding of what it really is. Also, our team has a big emphasis on not only proclaiming the message of Jesus, but also being the presence of Jesus here. So, I love that I get to be apart of the redemption and wholeness that Jesus brings not only spiritually, but also in every aspect of reality, holistically."

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