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September 2020
By Josie Oldenburg, SEND Communications —As soon as you open your heart to becoming a missionary, all kinds of potential problems can rush in and start to distract you. My husband and I, for example, struggled to narrow down where to serve, and we had several family members tell us that we should just focus on the needs in the US. Confident that God’s plan for us included serving overseas, we pressed on—and we found a missions agency that helped us work through these issues.

The mission coaches at SEND International offer Explore Together, an interactive online community dedicated to exploring next steps in missions—and to removing the problems standing in your path. (If you’re already eager to sign up, click here! Otherwise, read on for examples of problems that Explore Together helps solve.)

Problem: I feel drawn to overseas missions, but I don’t have anyone to talk to about it.
Solution: Explore Together offers monthly opportunities to meet up online with people who are in a similar place.

“The amazing thing about Explore Together is that everyone is in a similar boat,” says Rachel Pauwels, one of SEND’s mission coaches. “Our groups consist of people from all ages, stages, and backgrounds who are eager to learn and fellowship together as they grow in what the Lord might have for them in missions.”

Problem: Every time I talk about moving overseas, people tell me it’s better just to serve at home. How can I help them understand?
Solution: Through Explore Together, you’ll catch a vision for God’s grand mission story, which includes calling believers to enter different cultures in order to share the love of Christ. Plus you’ll learn how to share this vision with others in your life.

“God’s heart is for the nations! We see throughout Scripture that he desires to see people from all ethnicities come to know him,” says Missions Coach Andy Gilbert. “Explore Together will open your eyes to what God is doing around the world.”

Problem: The world’s too big. I feel overwhelmed by the number of needs! I don’t know how to take steps forward.
Solution: You are not alone; many future missionaries experience these same feelings! Explore Together includes conversations designed to help you identify practical next steps on your mission journey.

“Like everyone in life, missionaries do not have it all figured out! Explore Together will help you wrestle with the natural questions that come with a desire to serve internationally,” Andy says. “The best part is that we get to wrestle with these questions in community.”

Problem: I care about missions and know I should be involved somehow, but I’m just not sure what my role might be.
Solution: Explore Together provides community, learning and exposure to help you pray through God’s direction for your life—whether that’s to serve him as a missionary overseas or to more intentionally live on mission in North America.

“There are many ways and opportunities to serve in missions,” says SEND Mission Coach Andy Miller. “As a missions coach, I enjoy helping people to realize how their God-given talents, abilities and gifts can be used. Explore Together will help you to process those things in the safety of a community!”

Problem: I really don’t want to be alone on this journey.
Solution: SEND mission coaches come alongside every member of Explore Together, offering advice and encouragement.

“Considering missions can definitely be overwhelming,” Rachel says. “It’s completely normal to feel the Lord leading you into overseas missions, but to have no idea where to even start! As a coach, I’m ready to walk alongside of people in all stages of their missions journey.”

SEND offers Explore Together for free to people exploring missions, but we do ask that you jump in feet first, committed to growing personally and to helping your fellow explorers grow as well. Click here to sign up. We can’t wait to Explore Together with you!

The path to missions can feel overwhelming! Our experienced mission coaches will walk alongside you every step of the way.

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