Our missionary journey: My husband is called, but am I?
June 2014

“People like us don’t become missionaries.”

Scott and Cindy Hunter had always considered themselves the “sending type, not the going type.” They knew missions was important and prayed regularly for missionaries but had never pictured themselves in that role. But over the years, as their involvement in missions deepened, God showed them that he was really looking for obedience.

Scott and Cindy both grew up in Christian homes, accepting Christ early in life. They met in college while Scott was working on a degree in Chemistry and Cindy was studying to become a Special Education teacher.

After going on some short-term missions trips, Scott was ready to go long term. Cindy had an amazing experience but the idea of staying on the field never crossed her mind.

Instead, when life was tough, she would joke about packing up and going into missions. One day after one of those jokes, her daughter Hannah asked, “When are you going to stop joking about it and actually do it?”

Cindy realized that she had rejected the idea of long-term missions without ever praying about it. She asked Scott and Hannah for 30 days: no discussions about missions, only prayer. Only two weeks in, Cindy knew the answer. God had called, and she would obey that call.

The family applied to a missions organization but were rejected. They were hurt and confused but eventually realized that their calling to missions hadn’t changed. The where and the how had. As their excitement for missions returned, they asked missionary friends what organization they should go with. Many directed them to SEND, and now they’ve served for many years with SEND in Spain! 

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