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Grief & Traditions
Learn how one community says goodbye to their loved ones.
Country: SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Warm Faith
Faith in action when winter weather dips below -40.
Country: Alaska, SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Christmas Greetings from SEND Canada
Rob "Mags" Magwood shares a Christmas greeting and some highlights from SEND Canada!
Resource Type: Video
The Short Term Edge
Short term volunteers play a vital role in our work.
Country: Alaska, Canada, SEND North
Resource Category: Short Term Missions
Resource Type: Story
Serving Friends with Special Needs
A short-term team demonstrates the love of God to people with special needs while serving at...
Resource Type: Story
Not My Ability, But My Availability!
At first Dave felt inadequate for missions. Now a missionary in Japan, Dave continues to be...
Country: Japan
Resource Type: Story
Knock. God Can Redeem the Time!
Susan was nervous about talking to a mission coach. God alleviated those fears and led her...
Country: Russia
Resource Type: Story
Casa Refugio: A Place of Restoration and...
SEND mission worker Kaitlyn shares how she became connected to a refuge home for women...
Country: Spain
Resource Type: Story
Survival not Sport
Discipleship opportunities within subsistence living.
Country: SEND North
Resource Type: Story