In a beautiful act of love, Shan teens skimp on their own meals to feed others
July 2018

By Doug H. in Thailand — The Shan teens awoke long before dawn and got to work cooking rice, chicken and soup. Most of them had barely slept, but their excitement fueled their culinary efforts.

This was the day they were going to give back.

These young ladies receive scholarships that allow them to continue their studies — a remarkable opportunity in a culture where young women generally are sent away to work, often in the sex trade.

The girls, many of whom have decided to follow Christ, are so grateful to be sponsored that they want to bless others. When they heard of a Shan village far more destitute than theirs, they decided to do an outreach there.

These young women, poor as they are, began saving part of their food allowance so they could buy food to cook for the village. They began to collect used clothes from their own village to give away.

Finally, the day arrived. A team from Canada joined us, and we loaded up three vans and a pick-up and started the drive deep into the northern mountains of Thailand.

The road stopped two kilometers from the village.

I thought, this is impossible! How will we carry freshly cooked rice, chicken and soup for 200 people through the hills into the village? But you would be amazed at what 30 people can haul!

Hauling rice in Thailand

The girls found great joy in serving their joyfully prepared, hearty lunch to folks in the village. They put on an incredible program packed with hilarious games and fun activities for the kids. Then both our Canadian and Shan teams led in some great music that gave glory to the greatest Servant of all. This Servant gave everything he had, sacrificing his own life to make us rich. And it is his Spirit that joins our hearts together, from cultures around the world, to sacrifice for others in his name.

God is at work in Asia like at no other point in history! Learn more about SEND’s teams in Asia.

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Doug H.
Doug serves as SEND's Thailand Ministry Director.