An Unprecedented Opportunity to Share Christ with Afghan Refugees in America
December 2021

By a member of SEND’s Diaspora | North America team - 

My daughter is disabled. I had to carry her on my shoulders through the deep water to reach safety, the father said. We sat across from him in their one-bedroom apartment in a small midwestern town and heard their story. His wife listened in, nodding in agreement as she watched us from the small kitchen where she was preparing tea. She dabbed at her eyes. His tears flowed freely as he recounted his desperate situation of trying to gain access for his family to the airport in Kabul and flee the Taliban. Miraculously, after being beaten back by the Taliban on numerous attempts over several days, and even being separated for a time, they were able to somehow get through and onto the airport base. They were still in a state of disbelief as they pinched themselves to prove they had really arrived in America. Their story is one that is repeated again and again by the other Afghan families who have managed to get here with only a small variation in their stories. 
Each of these families, widows, and unaccompanied minors have lived through a traumatic time. Now the future lies before them. What will it bring? Will they be able to adjust from a vastly different country and culture to a fast-paced life in America? Will they simply blend in and begin their own chasing of the American dream? Who will come and stand beside them and help them to not only make physical adjustments but also to demonstrate the love and concern of a merciful God? We, the church, have an unprecedented opportunity before us today. Right before our eyes, people who lived on the other side of the world and had basically no chance to hear the gospel, let alone meet a Christian in their own country, are now coming to cities all over America.  And they are hurting. They need prayer and love and comfort.
While refugee protections prohibit the passing out of Bibles and scriptures, there is no law or rule that can prohibit the outpouring of love and mercy from our hearts to theirs. It is here, where actions will indeed speak louder than words. In time, as we get to know our new arrivals and they become friends, we will be able to offer prayer and share with them. In the meantime, give a cup of cold water in the name of the Lord. In the meantime, help them find housing and get settled into schools. They will eventually ask you for the hope that you have in you and then you can freely share. 
How do we do this? There is a military base in Southern Indiana, others in Virginia and Wisconsin that are looking for volunteers to help set up and run activities for Afghans of all ages. Sports and exercise activities, art activities, cultural activities, English language activities, get the picture? They need help working with the huge influx of refugees, and they are willing to allow church groups to come in and assist. Of course, proper vetting and background checks of the volunteers need to be done, but what an opportunity to share the love and light of Jesus with those who have never heard the gospel or met a Christian! One resettlement agency in another area posted the following: 

Some of our newly arrived Afghan families are temporarily housed in area hotels with little access to community engagement. We would like to offer them some Cultural Orientation sessions on topics such as Transportation, Education, Cultural Adjustment, Safety, Hygiene, Finance, Health, Employment, Insurance, Community, Public Assistance, Taxes, US Laws and/or Rights, or even English. 

If you have some free time or can carve out some time to help, please contact your local resettlement agencies and ask how you can help. You will need to sign up and get background checks, but these are opportunities that we, the church, do not want to miss. 

In addition to the opportunities to reach out to Afghans in temporary locations, there is also the opportunity for churches and individuals to set up welcome teams. A welcome team of 6- 8 people focuses on one family and, in conjunction with the local resettlement agency, helps that family for 3-4 months in their transition into a new community. If you know of housing possibilities in your area or town where new Afghan families could rent a house or apartment, that’s wonderful. Please pass that information on to your local resettlement agency. Some refugees will be placed in towns, but probably most of the new families will be placed in cities. Wherever they are placed, they will need help in learning how to live in a new place, learn a new language, and culture. There is a window of opportunity here that will only remain open for so long. Once they establish new friendships and learn the ropes of their new area, they will not need as much help and will be less open to outside help. Now is the time for churches to step up and reach out with tenderness and compassion. We have been called, for such a time as this!



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10/10 Prayer Initiative

  • We are praying for ten percent of the Muslim world to come to Christ in the next ten years. Is this mass exodus from Afghanistan part of God’s plan? Undoubtedly, God can take Satan’s desire for causing pain and suffering and turn it into something good. Now, there are thousands of Afghans who would have had no chance to ever hear the gospel in such a difficult place as Afghanistan. Now, they are in a country that while far from perfect, has many who call on Him as Lord and Savior. One thing is for sure, God is sovereign and no world event, large or small, catches him by surprise.   
  • Pray for missionaries worldwide who are still serving in places struggling with Covid and the changes brought about by it.  
  • Pray for the joyous message of Christmas to shine bright and loud in a world that tries to blur and confuse this miracle with commercial glitter, noise, and distractions. 
  • Pray for individuals and churches to step up and reach out to the many Afghans who have arrived in the US. 
  • Pray for all of us to find and take many opportunities to express God’s love in word and deed this Christmas season.   

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