Virtual Short-term Trips
October 2021

The ever-changing travel restrictions around the world continue to affect global missions, challenging church’s and group’s ability to plan mission trips. SEND Thailand came up with a creative way to work around these issues: Virtual short-term ministry.

Two of our church-planting teams in our Isaan people group region of Thailand base their outreaches around English classes.

English Corner fliers

“Learning English is a very sought-after skill,” explains team leader Larry Salisbury. “This platform provides a bridge to building relationships and introducing Creator God and Jesus to the Buddhist Isaan students, children, parents and professionals.” 

English is in such high demand that SEND Thailand relies on short-term missionaries to teach classes, so that long-term missionaries, who know the local language well, can concentrate on discipleship and developing the church.

Flyer for a cultural exchangeWhen COVID put a stop to these in-person trips, we pulled together two teams from Messiah College in the Philippines to do it virtually. Each team member interacted one-on-one over Zoom with five Thai students. There were also group sharing times and cultural presentations about Filipino and Thai cultures. The English TESOL style lessons used Bible stories as the main text but students also shared stories from their own lives. This all took place in two to three hours a day over a ten-day period.

We were amazed at the effectiveness of these first two teams. All the goals of a normal short-term ministry seem to have been met and surpassed. Relationships were built and ministry was accomplished. And both the teams on the Thailand side and on the sending side were super excited and desiring more.

Of course, there is nothing like having your feet on the ground and being there in-person. But we see amazing potential in this virtual option that will continue even beyond COVID. With virtual trips, the cost is not prohibitive, there can be a lot of flexibility, and just about anyone can be involved and exposed to missions!

Please pray for the follow up and continued development of this option for ministry. 

A short mission trip can change how you view yourself, the world, and our God. Our missions coaches can connect you with a great opportunity to serve short-term!

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