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June 2021

SEND International sold its campus in Farmington, Michigan, in May, and will be moving to new offices as the Lord leads. As we prepared for the sale, we asked our missionaries around the world to send in their memories from this piece of land that God has used in the training, sending, and supporting of his global workers. Here are some of their responses: 

There are so, so many memories of the SEND campus. The SEND campus has felt like home every time I've been there, even though it was only a handful of times. There are memories of game nights, food, and laughter in the MEC (Mission Education Center). (Oh, and hanging out downstairs for a tornado warning!) Of walking the little path through the woods. Of seeing deer eat peacefully in the grass. Of the runs with other SEND members. Of finding outside places to sit and have time with God. Of walking into buildings and having wonderful people smile at me, serve, and care so much about what God is doing in my life and ministry. Of meeting new people who are doing amazing things around the world. Of sitting in chapels and sessions to hear the testimonies of others. Of times to go deep with Christ. I'm going to miss having this familiar place to call home when I'm on furlough.  

— Amanda, teacher at Faith Academy in the Philippines 

 Historic photo of children running over a bridge on the SEND US campus

Our kids grew up as SEND kids, and they all knew the bridge. It spanned the valley from below the current MEC across to the houses on the other side. It was the gathering place for SEND kids of all ages, and of course, in good Billy Goat Gruff fashion, there were trolls under the bridge. Older kids instructed little ones in how to cross without rousing the trolls. Stories and imagination filled the bridge for decades. And sadness reigned across the SEND Kid World, even up to those now grown, when the bridge was deemed unsafe and torn down. The woods were magic any season of the year, but the real magic lived under the bridge.

 — A retiree who helped start the SEND media department in 1981


One of my fondest memories on the US campus was in November 2017. I had arrived straight from Russia to Michigan for a conference, so I hadn't seen my family yet. The conference ended on my birthday, and the group was very kind, singing “Happy Birthday" and some even giving me small gifts. 

At the end of the day, I was packing up my room, preparing to leave. Carl Kresge, Russia regional director at the time, came down to tell me that there were people waiting for me at the MEC. I was confused, but didn't think much about it. I hurried to finish packing and get up to the MEC.   

As I came through the door, the rest of the participants were getting ready to have dinner. They started to sing to me again. I smiled, thinking it was just another birthday wish. As I was listening to the song, someone took me by the arm and pulled me to one side. I looked in the kitchen area and there stood my Dad, my brother, my nephew and my niece! They had flown in from Kansas City to see me on my birthday and arranged the surprise through the International Office.    

I was so shocked, I didn't understand who they were for a split second! There were tears and laughter as I introduced them to all of the colleagues standing there. It was the best birthday surprise that I have ever had.     

That was the last birthday I got to spend with my Dad. He died in 2019 from pancreatic cancer. I will always remember that wonderful moment when I turned and saw him and my other family. And I will always be thankful to all the sneaky people who helped keep the secret and the surprise!   

— Jenni, discipleship and youth ministry in Russia


Every day that we were on SEND’s campus, the walk to the MEC brought anticipation of QUALITY!

  • Quality food served with smiles and caring interest.
  • Quality conversations around the tables with others of like heart.
  • Quality workers in the downstairs nursery, providing loving care for our little ones.
We are going to miss the MEC!

— Eileen, church planting in Japan


I remember sitting in Dennis Carlson’s office discussing whether we should go ahead and purchase our tickets for Japan. We were at almost 100% support to go as career missionaries. Dick Oestreicher (business manager at the time) walked by, and Dennis grabbed him and asked his opinion. Dick’s response was: “I think they should go ahead.” What faith! The SEND offices were always more about the people then the place.

— Joel, church planter in Japan 

Historic photo of a missionary mopping a floor with a child riding on the mop for fun.
My wife and I were missionary interns, 1968-69, so we were on the Farmington campus from time to time for lectures and mentoring. The staff were wonderful people, and the instruction we received was very valuable. The friendship we developed with other missionary candidates was a blessing. The picture above shows me doing my chores, as our 1-year-old son assisted me in giving the floors a good polish. 

— Terry, former member of the SEND Canada council 

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