Explore Panel: "Why Did You Choose to Join SEND?
January 2023

Knowing God's role for you in missions is one thing. Knowing what organization to go with is important too! Our missionary's on the Explore Panel describe why they chose to go with SEND in this month’s Explore News. Would you choose to go on mission with us?

Confirmation from God and Care from SEND

“I came across SEND at a missions fair at my university campus. I knew I was called to missions in Spain and I loved working with young people, but I was not sure what that looked like exactly. SEND was the only table at the missions fair that had Spain as an option. After doing a short term trip, God confirmed my calling, what my ministry would look like, but also to work with SEND. One of the things I love most about SEND is how they care for us as missionaries, how our spiritual, physical, and emotional health are all of importance, and how they have continued to provide support and resources to be healthy in all those aspects of my life.”

SEND Is Likable and Relational

“I chose SEND because I liked the people in SEND. I spent time with the office, the missionaries, and the leadership and found a group of people who liked each other and didn’t take themselves too seriously. The other stuff is important: theology, ministry philosophy, internal systems, etc., but if you like the people in the organization it will be much easier to fit in.” 

SEND Met My Requirements

“I joined the SEND because of the specific field I was joining. I had interacted with this team in the past and knew this is where God was calling me to work. This field was started by SEND, so we joined them.
However I did have other requirements I considered when choosing a missions organization, like: retirement, medical insurance, money pooling, and member care. SEND checked all these requirements of mine. Plus, they focus on unreached people groups, which is very important to me.”

SEND Cared and God Answered Prayer

“There are actually a number of very good organizations out there, but a few factors lead us to go with SEND. First, as we were reaching out to and exploring different organizations, SEND did a good job of following up with us. This seemed like a sign that if they showed care for someone just inquiring they will probably show care for people actually in the organization. But beyond that, SEND fit what we were looking for.  We wanted to be involved in church-planting among the least reached in the world, and SEND was doing that. Theologically we fit well with SEND's statement of faith. We liked that SEND sent people out on teams and not just individually. And finally we prayed some specific prayers that God answered, including that the organization was invited by the local church in the country we were going to serve in.”

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