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Making disciples among the unreached




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LLI Cabin Finish line

What started as a vision has taken shape and the LLI Cabin is almost complete. Your gifts provide up to 9 more places to train and empower young leaders to serve on multicultural ministry teams in Jesus' Great Commission.


This campaign enables us to finish the project including final paperwork, a kitchen, furnishings, heating, and steps into the cabin so the doors may be opened for the 2019 season.


Thank you for enabling us to reach the finish line for this much-needed space!


"LLI is a place to grow, where people are ready to walk alongside you supporting and challenging you. It is a place where you can have a break from your ordinary routine and can take time to meet and listen to God. It is a place where you can serve, use and develop your gifts and talents that God has given you. It is a place of joy and if God is calling you to come, be sure, He makes it happen and He has His reasons :)" - LLI 2018 Participant

LLI Cabin


Leadership Lab International (A ministry of SEND International and Scripture Union) has trained young leaders from 17 different nations since 2014. These young adults learn to serve on multicultural ministry and church planting teams in an experiential learning, mentored environment.

As LLI grows from a Christian Summer Abroad program to a year-round camp and training center for outreach, relational discipleship and servant leadership development a need has emerged to add facilities enabling students, interns and missions participants to live at the DPB House Camp and Training Center throughout the year.

Your partnership makes it possible to build the LLI Cabin and to train young leaders to serve in our Lord’s kingdom work around the world. Currently, we are seeking financial resources to implement steps to move the ministry through the necessary phases to make this change.

Additionally, this new facility will provide adequate housing for our growing teen CREW discipleship training, Outdoor Education for schools and a stand-alone rental space to help subsidize ministry costs and provide adequate lodging for larger groups the DPB House community serves.

Thank you for considering joining the team in order to make the LLI Cabin a reality!

Click here to watch Daniel's story at LLI.

Total cost: $40,000


Donate Now »
Name Amount Date Comment
Private $154.13 Nov 20th, 2018 For House of Rest
Meredith Helweg $205.50 Nov 20th, 2018 In God's love, for His glory
Michael Tag $102.75 Nov 21st, 2018 Wonderful to see all the awesome ministry you are doing! Glad we can help.
Beverly Feiker $200.00 Nov 27th, 2018 Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Saritha Petthongpoon $51.38 Nov 27th, 2018 Grateful for LLI!
Private $205.50 Nov 28th, 2018 GivingTuesday rejoicing in how God is bringing this project to completion!
Private $123.30 Dec 04th, 2018 Thankful for the way God is providing for this new cabin. May it be filled with those God wants to be there in 2019 and beyond.
Private $513.75 Dec 13th, 2018
Carri Clark $359.63 Dec 18th, 2018 Merry Christmas from the Pumpkin Roll Lady! :)
Private $100.00 Dec 27th, 2018
Private $308.25 Dec 28th, 2018 Rejoicing in what God is doing to change lives in His work through LLI!
Anna Adamkiewicz $51.38 Dec 28th, 2018 For God's glory and the love for the DBP House and the amazing God's work being done there!
Marc McKay $308.25 Dec 30th, 2018
Joan North $2,055.00 Jan 02nd, 2019
Elizabeth Carlson $20.00 Jan 06th, 2019
Private $60.00 Jan 12th, 2019 May you have a blessed New Year and may God open the doors of the LLI Cabin in 2019.
Liya Wang $2,000.00 Jan 28th, 2019
Private $200.00 Jan 29th, 2019 Keep pressing on DPB and LLI. May God open the doors for this House of Rest soon!
Private $228.00 Jan 29th, 2019 Matching Funds
Private $157.50 Feb 06th, 2019 Abbey and I will be praying for you and the family!
Private $215.78 Mar 01st, 2019 May this help in getting steps in place. Looking forward to seeing how God will use the LLI Cabin in the future for His glory!
Ronald Beidelman $120.00 Mar 09th, 2019
Anthony Dove $30.00 Mar 09th, 2019 To increase the space at the camp
Anna Adamkiewicz $205.50 Mar 10th, 2019 For God's glory
Private $50.00 Mar 10th, 2019 God bless!
Laura Elms $30.83 Mar 18th, 2019
Private $92.48 Mar 27th, 2019 May this help finish the steps and may God use the LLI Cabin for His glory!
Private $100.00 Mar 27th, 2019
Kevin Conway $100.00 Mar 27th, 2019 Steve & Jenny, we're so grateful for the investment you've made into our kids and a bunch of others & even more to come! We love you, Kevin & Rahela
Private $120.00 Mar 28th, 2019 May God be glorified and people come to rest and meet with Him in the LLI Cabin.
Jason Copen $61.65 Mar 29th, 2019 2 more pieces down!
Private $154.13 Apr 08th, 2019
Private $205.50 Apr 10th, 2019 Thanks for you faithful, fun ministry!
Brenda Brent $120.00 Apr 10th, 2019 In honor of the birthdays of Steve & Jenny, thank you for your years of service to the kids of Croatia & the MK community. Love, the Brents
Deborah Rowley $30.83 Apr 10th, 2019 One puzzle piece!
Private $600.00 Apr 16th, 2019 Matching Gift 20 Pieces
Ryan Smiley $300.00 Apr 16th, 2019
Susan Czarnecki $100.00 Apr 25th, 2019 Moving Forward in the name of Jesus!
Private $100.00 Apr 27th, 2019 May this help install the kitchen.
roger thompson $200.00 Apr 28th, 2019 A joy to join in the project. May this summer bear much fruit.
Private $100.00 May 01st, 2019 The second part of Matching Gift
Ronald Beidelman $120.00 May 05th, 2019
Private $250.00 May 14th, 2019 The first part of the Matching Gift Washing Machine, Microwave.
Private $150.00 May 23rd, 2019 We're grateful for Steve, Jenny, and their boys. Their hearts for persevering in the ministry God's given them is encouraging.
Lauren Lewis $100.00 May 23rd, 2019 Praying for a great and meaningful summer camp!!
Private $200.00 May 28th, 2019 The second part of the Matching Gift Washing Machine, Microwave.
Private $100.00 May 30th, 2019 This is for 2 more chairs. Great to see the progress.
Private $102.75 Jun 07th, 2019 For LLI
Lionel Helweg $205.50 Jun 08th, 2019 Happy Fathers' Day Nate Helweg!
Private $3,000.00 Jun 27th, 2019 Love you Brother
Randall Smelser $120.00 Jun 29th, 2019 This is a gift from Katy's sweet parents to the place we'll be serving at in July.
Peter Dawson $61.65 Jul 09th, 2019 God bless LLI