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After a career teaching at the Christian Academy in Japan, we have transitioned to a new ministry at Yamanaka Chalet (YC). YC is a retreat facility on a lake at the base of Mt. Fuji owned by SEND International. At the Chalet, we receive missionary families, Japanese pastors, church retreats, and campus workers with their students for times of rest, refreshment, and renewal. Over the past few years, we have hosted more youth groups, Christian school trips, mission conferences, and training seminars.

In urban Japan's extremely fast-paced, stressful lifestyle, the Chalet is a place where Christians can slow down and reflect on their lives with Christ and the grace he shows for everyday living. Some have come with their Japanese friends to spend significant time getting to know them outside of city life. During the pandemic, reservations at YC boomed because it was a safe place to go amid Covid restrictions, and that has only increased since. We desire for Yamanaka Chalet to be a place where those in ministry and those seeking God will find the grace and the sustaining power of the Spirit that brings peace to their daily lives.

  • Ministry Focus: hosting & management at Yamanaka Chalet.
  • Our career in missions: We came to Japan with SEND in 1994. From 2004 - 2008, we spent four years teaching in the Philippines, then returned to Japan. Before we transitioned to YC, Janet taught first grade at the Christian Academy in Japan, and Don was the Band Director.
  • Children: Gretchen, Mereta & Brennan live and work in Japan. Collin and his wife, Sarena, live in California.