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Laura and I both grew up as nominal Christians, but we personally trusted Christ as students in the mid '70s. We were influenced toward missions by a former missionary to Japan who moved to our home town and started a discipleship training school called The Evangelical Institute of Greenville (SC). A SEND missionary, Rollie Reasoner, visited the school and told us of his church plant in Tokyo. He later invited us to come and do evangelism through English ministry. The Lord led us through the Word to accept that invitation. How thankful we are that we did! It is almost 35years later. We have seen God at work in our lives and in the lives of his people in Japan. We labor with a wonderful team in camp ministry on the western outskirts of Tokyo. The next generation of his church is being saved and raised up to proclaim Christ through Okutama Bible Chalet (OBC). It is our privilege to be a part of his harvest here.