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Kenny and Lauren Humphries believe in living a life that demands a gospel explanation. They were placed in Anchorage, Alaska with SEND and work to serve children and families in crisis. They work with families around the state of Alaska and have a passion for supporting parents who are isolated and need loving community. They are specially equipped to work with families with children who have high medical needs.Kenny and Lauren host children in their home, help connect isolated families to church support, and serve with multiple different ministries. Kenny enjoys building relationships and connecting youth to church through teaching archery and they provide opportunities for community both for their local neighborhood and for families across Alaska.God has given them many unique experiences as they have stepped out in faith. These include sitting in hospital rooms with children who have no one for weeks, traveling to isolated villages to pick up children in crisis and opening up their home to children who are homeless. They have had the opportunity to grow in deep relationship with moms who were struggling because of addiction, abuse, and trauma. Their willingness to enter into dark places has given them the amazing gift of being true family to many who were isolated. Support this ministry and help them bring light to the darkness in Alaska.