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Matthew and Rachel have served in Alaska with SEND North since July 2008.  For six school years, the Grossmanns lived in Pilot Point, Alaska where Matthew taught grades K-7 in the public school and Rachel served as preschool teacher for 3 years.  While their main ministry was through teaching, they were also involved in co-hosting a home church and mentoring young people in the village.  In August 2014 the Grossmanns transferred to Tanalian school in Port Alsworth, Alaska where Matthew now teaches Jr. high math, science and social studies.  Matthew and Rachel desire to disciple those around them through personal connection.  Matthew leads a high school boys Bible study, occasionally preaches at the local church, and is involved in Men’s Bible study; Rachel leads women’s Bible study and is involved with a myriad of other activities that connect her with children, youth and women in the village. 

The Grossmanns have three children: Malachi, Caleb, and Noelle.  As a family they enjoy being part of their community and hosting others in their home for food, games and fellowship.

To learn more about their life and ministry in bush Alaska, email them