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The Mossé family is Alfie and Julie, Joseph, Micah, and Anya. We are followers of Jesus, and since 2003, He has led us on an incredible adventure in the country of Ukraine — first in the capital city of Kiev, then in the southern port city of Odessa.

We have the privilege of serving God by serving His people and helping to grow His church. Alfie teaches at Odessa Theological Seminary and maintains a preaching ministry. Julie manages the household and the kids' education, and is involved in ESL and personal discipleship ministries. Together we labor in church planting, ministry to married couples, evangelism, and outreach through ESL. 

In 2019, it became clear that we need to have a season based in the US. To that end we have settled in Indianapolis, IN, and are still part of the SEND Ukraine team. Our current role still includes theological education and church planting in Odessa, and we have added a temporary assignment as researchers for the SEND Eurasia Hub workgroup.